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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  June 7, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. it is tuesday, june 7, 2011. we are taking a live look at the washington monument. a nice day but possibly warming up. we'll check with tucker.
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i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. talker has the latest on the weather for us. >> let's get started with a quick look at the numbers. most of the area very comfortable in the low 60s. 61 in baltimore. 62 in ocean city. not a lot it show you on the satellite-radar. we do have a little cloud cover in the forecast. a big thunderstorm complex up towards toronto and some of that cloud cover spilling into the area. partly to mostly sunny day. on the warm side, highs in the low 90s. partly cloudy. the heat returns with temperatures in the 90s. it gets worse from here. i'll have details on that in just a couple of minutes. the bombshell confession by anthony weiner. he admitted he was the one who september a lewd picture of himself to a college student. he said he lied about the incident for days and he is not resigning and he and his wife
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are not splitting up. he admits there are more inappropriate photos out there. kwame brown is scheduled to meet to discuss how to move forward in the case of harry thomas. he is being sued for $1 million. thomas denies the charges and says he will not settle. sulaimon drown finally testified before the d.c. council yesterday. he said he was paid off by then council chairman vincent gray and two campaign workers for verbally attacking then mayor adrian fenty. he even presented the council with money orders to prove there were payments. the meeting got pretty heated at times when he frequently interrupted council members. mayor gray and his campaign staff deny the allegations.
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there is a new apple service called icloud. steve jobs made the announcement yesterday. >> reporter: it is that time of year again, apple's annual worldwide developers conference. apple is not revealing a new iphone. apple it is taking a different focus this year and in his first public appearance since taking medical leave, steve jobs focused on what he refers to as the sole of the company's product, software. >> if the hardware is the brain and sinew of our products, the software in them is their soul and today we are going to talk about software. >> reporter: during today's announcement. apple showcased its new service for hosting music, movies and photos, the icloud. what difference it from its competitors. according to some, it's big
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deal. >> this opens up the door for music and media streaming. the idea that you will be able to get your music and stuff on any device that you wanted it, anywhere you wanted it and it wouldn't have to actually be on the device itself. >> reporter: some analysts say the icloud is jobs' attempt to redefine the digital hub with essentially another attempt to succeed in an area where apple has routinely failed. this wasn't the only announcement from apple today. the tech giant also unveiled the next version of the company's operating system for the iphone, pipe ad and ipod. we're giving you the power to prosper n new york, i'm tracy burns.
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google aand am have recently launched similar services. we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. good morning. it is 4:30 on this tuesday. it is june 7th taking a live look at the washington monument. a little bit dark out there still. we'll check in with tucker here in just a sex tonight get the latest for you. i'm sarah simmons. welcome for fox 5 morning news. it is really kind of cool out there. it is comfortable right now but you have changes coming, don't you? >> yes, we do. they will be gradual. today i don't think will be a terrible day but tomorrow will be a terrible day and the next
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day too unless you like desert heat. actually, we'll have humidity as well. >> you're full of sunshine today. >> i will be full of sunshine later today. you got it. see the bright lights flashing up towards toronto. that is a big thunderstorm complex. some of those clouds will likely spill into the area during the course of the day here. we will have more clouds here. we'll see if a little bit of that thunderstorm activity doesn't approach the area later today. it is not bad at all out there. right now at reagan national, it is 69 degrees. dulles is 61. bwi marshall, 62. yesterday was on the warm side during the afternoon with highs in the upper 80s. today, we'll be in the low 90s. even a little warmer a touch more humidity than yesterday with the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. we'll bring that back into the forecast today. they will be scattered, widely
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scattered. i think a 10, 20% chance we'll see a thunderstorm later today with highs about 90 degrees. the heat wave really starts tomorrow with highs in the upper 90s. >> if you don't have a pool, make sure you find a neighbor or someone who has one. >> or the public pool. >> that will work as well. let's check in with julie wright. >> overnight construction still in place as you travel the beltway over in tyson's. they have yet to clean up the hot lane work. top side of the beltway in good shape leaving college park. no problems reported as you continue around towards the exit for 270 leaving i-95. key bridge is running smoothly out of roslyn. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. now to the big story of congressman anthony weiner's public confession. new york democrat came clean, finally admitting he was the one who sent sexually
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suggestive photos to not just one but several women through his social networking sites. he said he is deeply ashamed. will thomas reports the sexual exchanges went on for years gym a deeply sorry for the pain this has cause the my wife and our family and my constituents, my friends, supporters and staff. >> reporter: the new york representative admits he made a mistake. congressman anthony weiner says he sent a lewd photo of himself in his underwear to a female college student. >> i tweeted a photo that i intended to accepted as a joke to a woman in seattle. then as soon as i realized it, i took it down. >> is this twitter picture in question a picture of you?
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>> well, let's remember this twitter picture in question is a hack or a prank that someone posted on my twitter page with someone else's name in it who says she never got it, doesn't know me and i don't know her. >> reporter: in a new york city press conference, he came clean. he says he had exchanges with six women over the last three years, some of which occurred after he married his wife in 2010. i have engaged in several inappropriate conversations conducted over twitter, facebook, e-mail and occasionally on the phone with women i have met online. i'm deeply ashamed of my terrible judgment and action. i am not resigning. i have made it clear that i accept responsibility for this and people who draw conclusions about me are free to do so. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi is calling for an ethics committee investigation to figure out if
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congressman weiner used official resources. he denied any local wrongdoing. >> my blackberry is not a government computer. my home computer is usually where i did these things. >> we asked people on the street around capitol hill to see what they had to say about the stunning admission. most agree congressman weiner screwed up and he has a tough road ahead to regain his credibility. >> once you lie, it is hard to regain your credibility and you have to work really hard to build back that trust. >> i feel that admitting it is a first step in this recovery process and i really do give him credit for it. >> the idea of him saying well, i didn't send the picture in the first place and then i can't comment whether or not it is my picture or not, it just adds fuel to the fire. >> it just doesn't look good. i feel very sorry for his wife. it has to be a terrible
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embarrassment. she hooked like -- she looked like such a dignified lady. other headlines this morning, sulaimon testimony before the d.c. council. you will remember it took a judge's order to get him there. brown testified he was paid off to verbally attack then mayor adrian fenty during debates in the mayoral race. brown showed the council money orders and he maintains they were given to him to help then- candidate vincent gray win the election and they are proof he was paid off. he specifically blamed campaign workers lorraine green and howard brooks in addition to mayor gray. >> she wanted me to continue anti-wanted a job for me and my brother after he won and my job stipulated a range of pay from $100,000 to $150,000. >> reporter: the hearing did
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get heated at times. councilmembers mary cheh and david catania questioned a sometimes combative brown who oddly refused to take off his sunglasses throughout the testimony. gray will not speak publicly about this until the investigation is finished. today, d.c. council chair kwame brown will meet with fellow council members to discuss how to move forward in the case of harry thomas. thomas is aus good of spending city funds meant for youth baseball on trips to california and on an audi suv. he is current will you being sued by irvin nathan for $1 million. nathan says he who be willing to accept a settlement but he says he will not settle. a police officer accused of killing his mistress and their one-year-old child. a local community in fear following and tax on a woman in her own bed -- an attack on a
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one of the three people found stabbed inside a fairfax county apartment yesterday morning is now charged with murder. police arrested one man. investigators say the three people some thousand knew each other. the victims are sisters. a d.c. police officer is facing murder and manslaughter charges. richmond phillips and in court yesterday. he is charged in the deaths of his mistress and their baby. officials say a camera recorded a late night meeting between phillips and wonet. it a wright last year.
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they apparently sat on a bench for nearly seven hours. phillips and wright were due to attend a paternity hearing the morning after they met. officers going door to door in a quiet community following a terrifying attack in herndon this past weekend. a 23-year-old woman woke up to find a man in her bedroom at an apartment complex on merrybrook court. police say the suspect hay weapon, sexually assaulted the victim and ran off. one neighbor says the comfort she once felt living there is gone. >> i told my husband maybe we are going to move or something like that because i'm scared of the neighborhood. i have my son with me and everything, seven years old son and i was really scared. >> this is a composite sketch of the suspect.
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he has a light complexion, was between 6'0ing" and 6'2". rick santorum announced he is officially running for president. he doesn't have high numbers in the polls right now. former massachusetts governor mitt romney has the lead in those. but the former senator from pennsylvania has what tea party types like and pushes the idea that president obama has taken choice as way from americans. >> president obama -- has taken choice away from americans. >> president obama took that faith that the american public gave him and wrecked our power and centralize the power in washington, d.c. >> if you are counting, there are now six republicans in the race and much minute congresswoman michelle bachmann is expected to announce soon whether she will make a run. a new plan of action to keep metro escalators up and running. are you having some aches and pains in well, guess what? it may not require a trip to the pharmacy. we'll share a few home remedies with you when we come back. cool start to the day.
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we have temperatures generally in the 60s. we'll be in for some heat and some humidity around here the next couple of days. i'll have the details on that and julie wright has a look at your traffic coming up in just a minute.  lysol knows when the weather is at its best allergy season is at its worst. inside your home allergens can be found on everyday hard surfaces. lysol disinfecting wipes remove more than 95% of allergens. and lysol disinfectant spray kills the source
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until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the waterline to kill 99.9% of germs and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. for tips on a healthy home, visit welcome back. we take a live look over northwest tease this morning. another heat wave i guess you
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could say on the way. tucker will have more on that coming up in just a bit. first, remember the plane that safely landed in the hudson river two years ago? it is about to land at its new home. the u.s. airways plane traveled through maryland yesterday on its way to the carolinas aviation museum in charlotte, north carolina. winged were shipped separately to the museum. while the plane is brought done there, map people have been looning the travel route to watch its journey. can you mansion watching that thing coming down the road. >> i saw some other pictures of it and it was huge out on the roadway. incredible. >> i'm sure he could land it on the highway too. >> that was incredible. the weather will be fine and it will be summer and seasonally hot and actually above where it should be. but later this week, we are
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talking upper 90s. i think let's do 100 this time around. >> why not? we haven't been there yet. >> it is not even june 10th yet. we should be talking about our first 100. let's get to the temperatures. the heat will be building. yesterday, high 80s. today, low 90s and then would knows? maybe 100. 88 at reagan national yesterday. dulles, 86. bwi marshall, 86 as well. temperatures today in the low 90s. wing today generally will be a comfortable day today although we do have a code orange air quality so the air quality now moderate. 69 at reagan national. we have agot some 50s on the map. martinsburg, 59 at the moment and 57 out in manassas and cull pep are. we'll warm up very quickly.
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sunrise in about an hour and once that sun gets up, we'll see temperatures jump into the 80s by the noon hour and then as mentioned, topping out in the low 90s. a few more clouds in the forecast today. kind of a mix of sun and clouds. maybe mostly sunny here for the morning hours. the reason why, we have this big thunderstorm complex up towards toronto. it has a lot of energy with t some of that cloud cover will spill over our ridge. can you kind of see it and spill into the region later this afternoon. we will have a few more clouds around here than what we had yesterday and the possibility that we could see a few thunderstorms pick up in the late afternoon sunshine heat and humidity ound here. we'll go with an isolated thunderstorm risk today. maybe 10, 20% chance we'll see it. a lot of heat off to the south and west that. heat will start moving in here during the day tomorrow and we'll be right back into the upper 90s near around 100 here wednesday and thursday. here is your forecast. orange air quality.
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a mix of sun. a little bit of cloudiness. an isolated thunderstorm a possibility later on today. 91 your daytime high. warm overnight, 72 degrees. you will love the five-day forecast if you love hot weather. 99 on thursday. we might get relief late in the day with some thunderstorm activity. better chance on friday and then cooler here. this is not going to be one of those heat waves that lasts for weeks and weeks. this one will only be a couple of days. let's do some on-time traffic. julie wright has your latest. >> good morning to you. we are looking pretty good out on the roads with very little to talk about. no incidents along southbound 270 coming in out of germantown. easy drive as you work your way south of 11 # and continue out towards mva -- south of 118 and
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continuing out towards mva. lanes are open if you work your way inbound new york avenue leaving bladensburg road headed for the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. fox 5 continues to monitor metro this morning and the transit agency has a new plan, to keep those faulty escalators up and running. manpower. metro unveiled a resource plan which says the agency needs another 55 positions to do the maintenance. metro acknowledged its problems will not be fixed overnight. >> metro system as 588 escalators on it. there is no transit system in america that is more dependent on escalators. and so on any given day, we are constantly making repairs, trying to keep as many of them in service as possible. and this is all part of metro's six-year plan to repair and replace escalators. people should see a big push starting this summer. >> we'll be focusing first on
4:51 am
the red line where the escalators tend to be longer and older. also, it is important to keep in mind just how old some of these escalators. 443 of them are 5 years of age or older. some dating back to when the system opened in 1976. >> just to show you how quickly the escalators have deteriorated. four years ago, metro won a national transit award for its escalator program. and on average, 94% of them worked every day. today, outages are typically triple that. in this morning's health alert, the deadly e. coli outbreak in europe has now affected a canadian man. he recently traveled to germany and that is where the outbreak is centered. almost all of the 22 deaths and the 2300 people sick with the bacteria are in europe. officials there are no closer to identifying the source morning a month after the outbreak. first, they that you cucumbers
4:52 am
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cooks cures will help you feel better without breaking the bank. most of these you probably have already lying around the house. >> reporter: pharmacist ian ginsburg says finding solutions to ailments at home is more popular than ever. while ian fills conventional prescriptions, most of his day, he is also a big believer in concocting your own cures. >> i think people are real frustrated with million dollarern medicine so we go back. >> reporter: back to those homemade remedies made famous by moms and grandmas. >> there are great remedies that are as good or better than what is going not stores. >> reporter: we asked him to give is a lesson on some of his favorite alternatives. nicking that nausea. >> lime juice, baking soda and sugar. it is a quarter teaspoon of baking soda. it is a half teaspoon of sugar. and 10 drops of lime juice. >> mix it up and drink t how
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does it work? the baking soda balances acids in the stomach while the sugar settles it and lime juice aids digestion. next, we have the dreaded cold. instead of spending loads of cash trying to decongest, says try dissolving some menthol crystals. can you find them at your local drugstore. sprinkle them on the floor of a steaming hot shower. is it willhelp clear you up in no time. >> it is more natural. >> reporter: if you suffer from acne, skip the sensitive store medications, try toothpaste. >> toothpaste works really great. milk of m agnesia works great, things that dry up on you. oatmeal is the new wonder drug. >> reporter: oatmeal contains an oil that coats the skin and protect it.
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you can also use oatmeal to help make your skin glow. skip the expensive facial products. >> can you add a little milk and honey and it makes a great face mask. >> if you are, looking to ooght tired puffy eyes, there is something cheaper than cucumbers, spoons. simply put them in the refrigerator to get cold and place the cold curve over each eye. >> sometimes you don't mess with what works. >> reporter: if what works ends up being what is concocted in the kitchen, you may want to listen up because home remedies could end up saving you big bucks. coming up, the future of the washington nats continues to look bright. another big bat on the way. we'll show you who they just added. a long night and early morning for the nats on the field but was it worth a win? high lights coming up next. >> he checks one to left. see you later. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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welcome back to sports. let's go to potted omak. ryan zimmerman continues his rehab with the potomac nationals. last night, went two for three way double. bryce happen he were was drilled in the left knee with a pitch sunday afternoon. he had to least game. he returned fliest and was 2-4 with a solo home run. let's get him in the majors. the nats continue to build for the futures with the sixth pick in the major league baseball draft. the nats selected anthony rendone out of rice university. he was the top rated player dplaft according to baseball player. he had both ankle and shoulder injuries in recent years. general manager mike rizzo happy he was still around when it was the nats turn. >> we are pleasantly surprised. we feel we know him very well. our vice president of player personnel, roy clark, actually
4:59 am
drafted him out of high school for the atlanta braves and got to know him very well. we've had a long relationship with him and his family and we feel really good about it. >> all right. lets get to baseball and a game that ended less than three hours ago. a heartbreaker for the nationals in fran. they blew the lead to send it to extra innings. the giants, there it is, went on to win it in the 13th. nats lose 5-4. ouch, that hurts. former giants and steelers receiver plaxico burress was released from list on and he is a free man. he told reporters he plans to


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